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The tour will start from Piazza Navona, considered the most beautiful baroque square in Italy because of the magnificent four rivers fountain. The square is built on the ruins of the Stadium of Emperor Domitian and it still presents the shape of the open space of the stadium. The tour will then bring you to the Pantheon, the great temple of ancient Rome, built by the Emperor Adrian in 117 a.C, whose structure has been kept the same as in the past, thanks to its transformation into the church of Sancta Maria ad Martyres. You will continue to walk through the tiny alleys of downtown Rome and you will reach Piazza di Pietra, where you will admire the columns of the temple of Divus Adrian. After that, you will arrive at Fontana di Trevi, famous worldwide for the numerous movies made here. Throw a coin into the fountain to respect the Roman tradition! After Fontana di Trevi, you will reach Piazza di Spagna and will climb the gorgeous steps in order to enjoy a magnificent view of Rome from the Pincio terrace. There delegates will rest for a while and will enjoy a glass of Prosecco. The tour will conclude with a walk down to Piazza del Popolo.



photos_romeThe tour will start from the Circo Massimo. You will admire the biggest sports venue of the Roman Empire, where Romans used to regularly organize the infamous chariot races. The tour will continue towards the ancient area of Foro Boario close to the river Tiber, passing near the temples of Hercules and Porto and the famous Bocca della Verità (the Mouth of Truth). During the Middle Ages people believed that the Mouth could cut the hand of liars who put their hand inside it! You will then reach a part of the ancient Jewish area where you can still see today the Portico d’Ottavia and of the Marcello Theatre. You will then climb the sloping stairs designed by Michelangelo to reach the Campidoglio hill, headquarters of the Roman municipality and, from one of the terraces there, you will admire the gorgeous view of the Foro Romano’s ruins. The tour will continue on Via dei Fori Imperiali, great connecting avenue, wanted and built by Mussolini in order to link Palazzo Venezia (at that time headquarters of Fascism’ Great Council) and the Colosseum. The avenue at present is closed to the traffic and it is considered one of the most beautiful places worldwide, because it represents centuries of history. Walking through Via dei Fori Imperiali you will see the site of the monumental squares built by the several Roman Emperors along the centuries. The tour will end at the Colosseum (only external visit), famous for the gladiators’ and hunts’ games. The tour concludes with a glass of Prosecco near the Colosseum.

Fare per person per each tour  150 EUROS including:
– English speaking guide
– Radio system
-Glass of Prosecco